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Brow Shaping

Effortless beauty begins with strong brows that frame the face. While brow styles tend to change over time, classic natural brows never go out of style. Brows help to add proportion to our face, enhance our features and frame eyes. 

Skin Works offers brow consultation and brow shaping services. We can shape brows with waxing or tweezing for clients who have thin skin due to retinol and allergies. It is important to work with the natural shape of the brow. Once your brows have the proper shape for your face, clients can use products to enhance the shape or color or try a brow or henna tint or Lacquer Brow Lamination which lasts for a few weeks.

We also cater to male clients who want a natural, not styled eyebrow look.


Henna Brow Tint

Test out a new brow look with a henna brow tint. Henna brow tinting is catching on for natural beauties looking for a plant-based alternative instead of a traditional peroxide-based tint for their brows. A henna brow tint is also ideal for clients who want to try out permanent makeup, have over plucked brows or dislike waxing.

Skin Works uses Elleebana Brow Henna, an innovative natural formula with hydrolyzed proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants,  to strengthen and condition hair and restore growth. The Brow Henna comes in 7 luxurious colors which are customized for every client. The coloring agents are derived from the leaves and flowers of the henna plant that offers the highest quality of henna with excellent brow coloration. 

Unlike traditional brow tinting which opens the hair cuticle and allows color to penetrate the hair cortex through oxidation, henna coats the top layer of the hair shaft only, to give the appearance of a thicker and smoother eyebrow. It lasts about 1-3 weeks depending on skin type and color used.


Lacquer Brow Lamination

Lacquer Brow Lamination is the new brow trend all over Instagram. Hailed as an microblading alternative, the treatment gives you full, slicked up brows with a glossy shine. Since it’s temporary, it’s a fun way to experiment with a bold brow. The treatment is quick, affordable and clients have slick new brows in an hour with results lasting 6 weeks.

Brow Lamination can tackle most common brow concerns including unruly brows, over-plucked brows and thinning brows due to aging or medical conditions. Lifting and smoothing the brow hairs gives an instant facelift and helps fill in hair gaps and tame stubborn hairs. Stylists can also raise the brow arch slightly or extend the brow tail to add drama.

Lacquer Brow Lamination is like a perm for your brows. A mild setting lotion is used to style and set the brows into the desired shape, followed by neutralizer and a nourishing oil to sooth the eyelid skin. Aftercare includes conditioning the brows with moisturizer and treating the eyelid skin gently. Always research and find an experienced technician to avoid over-processing eyebrow hair and be on alert for any skin irritation from the procedure.


Brow Tint

Waking up with your brows done will make your morning beauty routine a breeze. A good alternative to permanent makeup or daily eyebrow pencil is brow tinting which is a semi-permanent fix. It is an ideal beauty boost right before a big event or holiday and then you can enjoy well-groomed brows for weeks.

When professionally done, brow tinting can make brows appear fuller and more pronounced, and enhance and darken fine, light or graying hair. Your esthetician will customize the brow tint to your hair color and skin tone on the day of the service.

Brow tinting is fast, it only takes 15 minutes and will last for about 4-6 weeks with good care.


Lash Tint

Just as a brow tint will make your mornings easier, a lash tint will give you the wide-eyed look of luscious lashes without having to swipe on mascara daily.

A lash tint is a semipermanent dye job for your lashes which will darken and intensify your lash color. Tinting will not curl, lengthen or add volume to your lashes but you will see darker lashes and the appearance of longer and thicker lashes.

Clients with blonde or light lashes will see a more dramatic difference while people with naturally dark lashes may not notice a big difference except on their lash tips.

Eyelash tints last for about 4 weeks. The color will gradually fade as your lashes fall out and your natural lashes grow in. We recommend the use of oil-free makeup removers and creams to extend the lash treatment.

Skin Works Specialty Services

Brow Consultation + Shaping | $35
Brow Tint | $35
Lash Tint | $35
Lash + Brow Tint | $60
Brow Lamination | $120
(Includes tinting & shaping if needed)