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Beauty - we can’t get enough of it! The industry is estimated at $450 billion and growing. The average woman will spend about 400 hours each year applying makeup - that adds up to over 14 days. But for those of you who want star quality appearance without spending the equivalent of your vacation time primping, look to Skin Works.

Jana’s use of latest, state-of-the-art microblading and pointillism (the very same technique used by world renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and George Seurat) creates an effect of natural looking long, dark, luxurious eyelashes, perfectly arched and well-groomed eyebrows, and just the right shade and contour of lips. Your stash of eye and lip cosmetics can become relics of the past thanks to Jana’s professional and artistic ability to create a lasting look you will love.



I grew up at a time, and in a culture of male modesty. Make that – Male personal care modesty. Men didn’t wear jewelry, own massive collections of clothing, nor fixate on care products.

My dad, who was the publisher of Glamour Magazine, whose daily haunts included the executive offices of Madison Ave advertising agencies, and The Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station, owned three suits. Nice suits mind you, he was considered a sharp dresser, but still, just three suits. I remember there being a lone bottle of “Jamaican Bay Spice” cologne in my father’s bathroom medicine cabinet, probably gifted to him by some misguided relative, the seal of which had never been broken.